The Luxury Trail

I have always admired the great female explorers of the 19th and early 20th Centuries. Unlike their male counterparts they weren’t satisfied with sticking a flag in the ground. They immersed themselves in the communities. Like me, most relied on their income from writing to support themselves and their causes.

My LVT suitcases, Mac Air & ostrich Birkin are a far cry from the khaki canvas kit bag slung over my shoulder in the 80‘s but time has moved on as have I. I can’t imagine turning left upon boarding a plane any more than I can avoid engaging myself with the communities I visit.

My ex-husband suggested I fly economy and give the money to charity, but then I wouldn’t go at all and this is what I do - I go.

Jan 4, 2011

The Luxury Trail goes in search of the perfect pearl with Paspaley on the North Coast of Western Australia. This is as remote as it gets. The only way to reach this part of the Timor Sea is by seaplane.

The Luxury Trail goes to the Kimberley in remote North-West Australia on the trail of the Pink Diamond. We visit visits the extraordinary Argyle Diamond Mine, meets a jeweller, designs and has made the perfect pink diamond ring.